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Pecos table Features

The Pecos table is manufactured in the United States of America using the best materials we could find. Pecos is built to last.


The Surface: Available in 2 colors – Buckskin Tan & Blanco White. FLOATS IN WATER WITH ALL LEGS

  1. HDPE rotomolded plastic – the surface is made of plastic which means it can melt under extreme temperatures. The mold is foam-infused, keeping it dense, but light-weight. When BBQing on the Pecos, we recommend using grills/stoves that are propped up on stilts. We also recommend using a walnut cutting board under the grill/stove to block the heat from the surface.
  2. Blood River – The outer rim of the surface is the ‘Blood River.’ This was designed intentionally to catch any running liquids from spilling off the edge. On one end of the table there is a little outlet cut out. Put your trash bag attachment on this end so the liquids will run into the trash.
  3. Handle – The design of the surface has an integrated handle cut-out on the underside of the surface. Carry your Pecos like a briefcase. 
  4. Dimensions – 20” x 38”
  5. Height – 34”

The Bridge: Refers to the two brackets that house the legs. Every metal component is either aircraft-grade aluminum or stainless steel. No corrosion or rust.

  1. Leg locks – The leg locks are located inside the bridge. These are spring-loaded latches that lock the legs into the bridge when stowed.
  2. Stoppers – There are 4 rubber stoppers located in the corners of the bridges. These help the table grip onto surfaces when stowed away.
  3. Tie-down points – Nearby the Stoppers, there are 4 cutouts in the bridge that allow a rope, or ratchet strap to run through in order to tie down your table to a rack, or cinch down to the deck of a boat for maximum stability in unstable environments.
  4. SocketsThe sockets are where the legs are inserted. These sockets are patented with our quarter-turn locking technology -inspired by a bolt-action rifle. With just a quarter twist, the legs are locked in. You don’t need to screw in the table, or take your hand off the leg to lock these in.


  1. The Feet the feet of the legs extend out 1.5 inches. This allows you to get your Pecos level on rugged and uneven terrain. The bottoms of the feet are equipped with rubber stoppers to help grip onto surfaces. The feet are also orbital, allowing for the legs to pivot on jagged terrain.
  2. The shaft Made of Aircraft-grade aluminum and comes in 8 different colors.
  3. Bolt – The bolt at the top of the leg integrates with sockets in the bridge. These are part of our patented quarter-turn locking system. Just beneath the bolt is a rubber gasket that helps the leg grip into place with the socket.

Victor Olivares

Victor Olivares is a seasoned fly fishing guide on the Texas coast, offering his clients a unique experience. Aside from putting his clients on some monster Redfish, Victor likes to serve up some fresh caught Redfish ceviche – live on the water. Victor uses the Pecos Table to help him prep his ceviche because of the stainless steel and aircraft-grade aluminum legs. Every metal piece on the Pecos is corrosion resistant. Just give it a quick rinse with freshwater, and you’re all set to get back on the water tomorrow.

Terry Black’s x Pecos

Terry Blacks BBQ is known for preserving the craft of old-school bbq techniques. Opening in 2014, Mark and Mike Black were determined to revive their grandfathers style and serve it the RIGHT way. Nine years later, they have locations in Austin, Dallas, and Lockhart.
Maintaining an efficient work environment requires tools that can last. Terry Blacks uses the Pecos Table in a couple of it’s locations to help serve their customers more efficiently.