Hunting Invasive Axis Deer

Texas Axis

Hunting the Invasive Species in Texas


In November of 2022 we took part in taking Emily Wylie on her first Axis deer hunt in partnership with Force of Nature Meats, Duck Camp, Mill Scale Metalworks, and Turtlebox. Marshall Seedorff, Emily’s guide, explains the importance of hunting this invasive species. 

Native game such as Whitetail Deer and Turkey have to compete with Axis deer for food. Texas is known for going through drought periods in the summer and abundant food and water can be scarce – making the search for food and water highly competitive. In some areas of Texas, the Axis population has boomed to around 6,000 free range, and more than 40,000 on private high-fenced ranches making them the most abundant exotic game species in Texas.

Axis were brought to Texas in 1932 for farming and controlled hunting purposes.

Though Axis deer pose serious threats to our native species, they are undoubtedly tasty. The guys over at Mill Scale Metalworks came prepared for an Axis harvest and served up some delicious Axis meat. 

Watch our full video of Emily and Marshall’s hunt for the invasive Axis deer.