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How to Clean a Traeger Grill

Every true grill master one day learns that cleaning their trusty BBQ makin’ machine is just as important as selecting the best cuts of meat. You may have noticed that ordinary cleaning methods and tools can sometimes fall short when trying to remove stubborn grease, and food particles stuck in hard-to-reach areas. That’s why we at PECOS Outdoor have put together this simple-to-follow guide on how to get that old as dirt grill back into top shape. 

In this blog, we put a special focus on Traeger grills, one of the most well-known models in the pellet grill industry. Now no need to worry, if you’re looking for a guide to cleaning another type of pellet grill, this blog can really serve as a guide on how to clean any grill. So without further ado, it’s time for some serious grill TLC – the PECOS way.

Importance of Regular Grill Maintenance and Possible Hazards

Before diving into the nitty-gritty of deep-cleaning your Traeger grill, let’s take a look at why it’s so important. Remember the old saying – an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure? The same goes for your beloved pellet grill. Consistent cleaning keeps your grill ready for use and prevents long-term damage.

Fire Hazards

When your grill is not appropriately cleaned on a regular basis, the grates get coated in baked-on grease and food particles. This build-up can cause flare-ups or even ignite a dangerous and damaging grease fire. Since the grease bucket is connected to the grill via a grease chute, the risk is not only potential food contamination but also an unexpected bucket fire.

Internal Damage & Bacteria

Moreover, lack of maintenance might also lead to wear and tear of the internal components. The accumulated debris can get in the way of the heat baffle affecting the correct temperature for cooking. Also, food build-up in the grill grate may breed bacteria that could contaminate your food, leading to health risks. Ignoring regular maintenance of the pellet smoker can even lead to degraded smoke flavor, which might ruin your carefully prepared meals.

Pests & Insects

A poorly maintained grill is also an open welcome for pests and insects. Without a regular cleaning routine, wasps and other insects may seek a home in narrow areas such as drip trays, grease traps, and even the pellet compartments, blocking the proper flow and operation of the grill.


Finally, keep in mind that regular cleaning directly influences the performance and durability of your grill. Regular care helps maintain the grill’s integrity, contributing to the efficient use of wood pellets and better heat management for perfectly cooked food.

In essence, to ensure your Traeger grill functions at its peak performance and continues to serve you up with those fine smoked dishes, it’s necessary to stick to a regular cleaning routine. Beyond reducing hazards, it’s a guarantee for prolonging the life expectancy of your grill, helping you get the most out of your investment.

Step-By-Step Guide: How to Clean a Traeger Grill

Having acknowledged the importance of keeping your Traeger grill clean, it’s time to dive into the step-by-step guide on how to clean each core component. Begin with gathering the necessary cleaning supplies:

  • grill brush or stainless steel wire brush
  • abrasive cleaners
  • warm soapy water
  • disposable rag
  • heavy-duty paper towels
  • shop vac

Equipped with these tools, you’re ready to restore your Traeger grill back to its prime. Grill experts recommend engaging in this deep cleaning process at least once a year with a minimum clean-up after every use. The minimum cleanup involves simply turning your grill up to high heat after each use to let the food waste and bacteria burn off. Then simply hit the grate with your favorite grill brush. By maintaining your grill on a regular basis, you will reduce the frequency with which you have to deep clean it. 

Here is a step-by-step on how to deep clean your grill:

  1. Grill Grates: Start by removing the grill grates. For optimal results, soak them in warm soapy water to loosen up all the stubborn food residue. You can utilize an abrasive cleaner or stainless steel wire brush for scrubbing. Remember to clean both sides of the grates. Be cautious not to use harsh chemicals that could damage the porcelain coating or infuse harmful residue into the next meal you cook.
  2. Drip Tray: Drip trays and pans catch the majority of the grill’s grease and overflow. Remove them carefully to avoid spilling any residual grease. Use a scraper to remove hardened grease gently and then wash using warm soapy water. If the drip tray is covered in aluminum foil, replace it after each cleaning. 
  3. Grease Bucket & Liner: The grease bucket comes equipped with a disposable liner for easy clean-up. All you need is to remove the old liner and clean the bucket with a grill brush + warm soapy water before inserting a new liner. 
  4. Heat Baffles, Fire Pot, & Internal Components: Our next target is the heat baffle and fire pot. Remove them gently and clean the parts using a combination of a grill brush and, you guessed it, warm soapy water. Using a shop vac or shop vacuum, vacuum out the pellets from the fire pot. This also applies to other internal components where ash residue or pellets might accumulate but are hard to reach. 
  5. Smoke Tube: Accumulated grease and food particles can block the smoke tube and affect the grill’s performance. Cleaning it with a specialized brush should do the trick. If you are still having trouble, some high-pressure air or water may loosen it up.

After cleaning each part, make sure to rinse off any soap before moving to the drying step. It is critical to make sure each component is thoroughly dried before reassembly (this will prevent rusting). In the case of stubborn baked-on grease and food debris, use a natural cleaner (to avoid harmful chemicals) along with some heavy-duty paper towels (that should be conveniently within reach on your PECOS Paper Towel Holder) to provide the right level of abrasion without harming the surfaces of your Traeger grill. Avoid abrasive cleaners, scrubbing pads, or metal brushes that could scratch or damage these surfaces.

How PECOS Can Improve Your Grill Cleaning Experience

Now that we have taken you through the essentials of maintaining and cleaning your Traeger grill, wouldn’t it be nice if you had a companion to make the mission a bit easier and organized? Enter the PECOS Workstation, a trusty partner in both your grilling and grill cleaning operation.

Meet the PECOS Workstation

PECOS Workstation is designed with the modern grill master in mind, tailored to accommodate all your cleaning needs. With an FDA-compliant plastic surface, it conceptually unifies stability and convenience. A functional aid for undertaking thorough cleaning operations and even quick wipe-downs after cooking, this table revolutionizes your outdoor adventures.

PECOS Attachments

Several features accompany our PECOS Workstation. They include the PECOS Trash Bag Ring, an excellent aid in keeping your area tidy while cleaning. The disposable grease bucket liners and other waste can be disposed of securely, keeping your workspace clutter-free. To further assist in the cleaning process, PECOS presents the Hang-it Hook. This is crafted specifically to hang your grill brush and other tools, providing easy access during cleaning. Last but not least, we couldn’t forget your beer. Cleaning might sound like a chore, and that’s when our PECOS Beverage Holder becomes a savior. A quick drink while hard at work never hurt nobody.

Now, you are not only armed with the information necessary to clean a Traeger grill effectively, but also have a reliable partner in PECOS Outdoor to make the process organized, efficient, and enjoyable.

How to Clean a Traeger Grill: Wrap-Up

Cleaning your Traeger grill is a necessary task that greatly improves your grilling experience. By cleaning on a regular basis, you ensure that your grill can provide maximum performance, continue delivering that beloved smokey flavor, and reduce the potential for hazards like grease fires.

Remember, cleaning the grill doesn’t need to be a grueling task. With the assistance of PECOS Outdoor and our range of innovative products – including the PECOS Workstation and its handy attachments – the process can be made enjoyable. 

So go ahead, fire up the Traeger, and get grilling! Rest assured, when it comes to cleaning time, we at PECOS have you covered.